Salt Treatment «the first kiteboard opera». It’s not a miracle, but it’s close.

The Salt Treatment board offers amazing all-round performance with the advantages of a wake-style inspired design. Designed to take riders to the next level, it is the ideal friend for any adventures using foot strap or boots, delivering insane drive, edging, pop and ultra soft landing.

The first kiteboard opera that you can use also as design element spreading art, color and eco-resposability.




Miracle Channels

Ready to split the water as a Santo, provides increased tracking, improves upwind ability and creates a forgiving feel underfoot as well as smooth landings.


God Flex

Ready to help your knees during your sess provides the best control-pop performance for most riding style and conditions.


Shark Skin 4d

A reengineered layer becomes the fourth dimension of our top and defends from any attack (…you can easily cut a Pizza on it). Time to shred!


Salt Treatment base

Salt treatment base makes the boards really resistant, ready to slide everywhere. Matt, robust durable.


Bio Epoxy Resin

Ready to reduce the pollution we use only High bio-based resin, meets our high requirements for the maximum flexibility, durability and for the planet.

Santi 4 Water


There’s a reason we love water. Water is sacred. Water is life, water is love, water is beauty, water is the first element we play in.
This is one of our main projects: team up with some charitable organisations that work to provide clean water to communities in need around the world.

We decide to help people who most need water, teaming up with Waves4Water®, who works at the most basic level to provide clean water to communities in need around the world.